Collection: S5 Plus Trackers

How to get your vehicle tracker fitted


Chose which tracker you need

Your insurance company may have asked you to fit a tracker, usually they will state S5 or S7. Put simply the S5 offers immobilisation over the S7. Once decided, you need to purchase the tracker.


Arrange Installation

Within an hour (duiring work hours) We will be in touch to arrange a date for installation. Feel free to call us straight away, if your feeling impatient!


Relax with Peace of mind

Once installed we will be in touch to advise on how to use the app, set up the subscription and then you can relax knowing you have the best tracker money can buy!

Scorpion X Series immobiliser


In the realm of vehicle security, staying ahead of potential threats is paramount. As technology evolves, so do the methods employed by thieves.


Approved Vehicle Trackers for Insurance Compliance

As the premier provider of Thatcham insurance-approved vehicle trackers, we lead the industry in ensuring your vehicle's security meets insurance standards.

With the surge in car theft incidents, insurance companies increasingly mandate the installation of approved trackers for coverage eligibility.

For owners of high-value vehicles, Thatcham-approved trackers are a familiar requirement. Since 1992, Thatcham has rigorously tested and endorsed aftermarket tracking systems, certifying their efficacy and safety.

If your insurer has stipulated or recommended a Thatcham-approved tracker to align with your policy, opting for an S7 or S5-approved device is paramount.

Uncertain about the specific tracker needed? Simply reach out to us at: 01489 290026, and we'll assist you in selecting the right solution for your needs.